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I made this petition because I am truly disgusted with the environmental destruction humans are causing and the ONLY thing I can personally do is try to promote change. Please take a minute to sign this petition that aims to legalize hemp, which has so many uses for cleaner living but is currently ILLEGAL to grow in the U.S.

Sign it, repost and share! Lets legalize Hemp!

Awesome! Mama Reefer stopped by Vapes On Main, #Winnipegs first Vape Lounge and made some new friends. Had a great talk with the owners and shared a few hugs. A great resource for information on #MedicalCannabis and an amazing atmosphere. Im gonna be dropping by this weekend with the possibility of recording a few videos in the future. See? This is progress! We are ending Prohibition around the world before our eyes :) #endprohibition #legalizeCannabis

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