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Via : Federal prosecutors announced a series of charges Tuesday against seven people connected to a spate of hash oil lab explosions in the Puget Sound area since November.

Each explosion destroyed homes and one of them, which occurred in Bellevue, ultimately led to the death of a former Bellevue mayor and the injury of several other people.

Hash oil is a highly concentrated substance extracted from marijuana leaves and it’s illegal to produce without a processing license granted under Initiative 502. It’s consumed through vaporization or mixed into edible products. The production of hash oil, also known as butane honey oil or BHO, is known to be dangerous, as evidenced by the recent explosions.

The seven people targeted in the federal crackdown are all charged with endangering human life while manufacturing controlled substances, maintaining a drug-involved premises and manufacturing hash oil and marijuana.

In two of the four incidents, neighbors reported drug activity days before the explosions occurred, but no arrests or seizures were made.

Federal Prosecutor Jenny Durkan called hash oil production an “ongoing threat” and “incredibly destructive.”

She said the feds will work with local jurisdictions to bust those responsible for such operations.

"We will take that threat seriously, we will charge people and we will hold them accountable," she said.

Law enforcement officials said BHO manufacturing is a public danger not seen since the rise of methamphetamine labs

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